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Dave Winslow

Dave Winslow

My name is Dave Winslow and I’ve lived most of my 66 years in the greater Bangor area for most of my adult life.  The exception being my first enlistment in the USAF from 1965-1969.  Most of that time was spent overseas.  I enlisted again after graduating from Husson College with a 4 year business degree in 1973.  I was able to retire from the Air Force after a total of 26 years in 1994.  The Veterans Administration (VA) provided me with computer training which allowed me to obtain two certifications.  (I can’t say enough good things about the VA)  Those certifications resulted in my first job  as an PC/Network Specialist for Lemforder Corporation in Brewer.  I left that job and moved to Skowhegan where I was hired, basically, for the same type of work.   I also taught computer related classes for Adult Education in Skowhegan.  In  2003 I had to leave the workforce to become a caregiver for my mother until she passed in 2009.  During that time I did volunteer work when I could at the Hammond Street Senior Center Computer lab. That eventually lead to the members asking me to fix their computers.  I didn’t charge for my services at first,  but they’d offer me money for my time anyway.   Some were retired business people and they would encouraged me to turn this into a small business opportunity.    I now have a home based PC Repair business in Brewer. The majority of my customers were and still are “seniors”;  that is, people over age 60, just like me.  Some easily become overwhelmed by computers.  I make it a point to help such people so they can use them with less fear and anxiety.  I make myself available most anytime to answer their questions. 

I purchased my first computer in 1981.  My fist exposure to  a computer-like environment and networking actually started in the 60’s while I was on my first enlistment in the USAF.   That story will probably be my first blog.

I’ve worked at various jobs,  both full and part time  after my times in the military.    During all of that time, I dabbled in computers and found them fascinating.  When you add the Internet to the mix, I get all excited about this technology!  I’m not a geek really; just a guy who has grown up with computers and developed an interest in them.  I don’t try to impress people with “computer speak”  or “geek” speak as it’s sometimes called”.   I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge with people and do so in a simple way that leads to at least a basic understanding of what I’m talking about.  Example: Recently someone noticed the signs on my vehicle.  She asked me if I could fix her laptop screen which was broken.  My answer, after asking her a few questions, was I could but she’d be better off purchasing a new one.  I explained that the labor and a new screen would be more than half the price for a new machine.   She explained she was hesitant to purchase a new one because she did not want to have to learn Windows 8.  I gave her the name of a free program she could download that would make her new Windows 8 look and act like her older laptop with  Windows 7.  Life always isn’t about the money.  Sometimes it should be about just helping people.

It is my hope that readers will enjoy my stories, mostly centered around my experiences working with people and fixing their machines.  Hopefully people will learn something along the way and their computer experience will be a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable.    I look forward to comments and questions related to my blog and any problems you’ve had with your personal computer.