Grandma! You shouldn’t be on a dating site!! (Part I)

Before I being, I feel I owe my readers an apology. I have been an “absent” blogger of late. I feel I have a valid reason however. One of my dogs developed what is called IVDD and is paralyzed in her hind legs. I decided not to put her down but it has been a learning curve for me in terms of taking care of her and also has taken lots of time for both of us to adjust. Now that we have found a routine that works, I can get back to my blog.

I’ve been thinking about writing about this for about two weeks. I’ve started twice but just could not figure out which direction to go in. Coincidentally, the Today Show is airing a segment on this very topic this morning. The topic concerns women who are considered seniors, who are using dating sites to find love. They should do one for senior men also but perhaps that will come.

As an avid computer user myself, a Senior, AND someone who has been on dating sites for years, I feel I’m somewhat qualified to talk about it. I’ll try to touch on both the male and female aspect of this “new” way to find a mate.

Divorce happens as we all know. It happens to the young and the old. The end results is the same however which is two people end up being alone. Some people like being alone after a time. Some miss having a wife or husband to interact with, even if the interaction was not always perfect.

One big questions that always comes up is: Do I keep this a secret from my family and friends? If you choose to tell them, be prepared for comments such as: OMG!; Are you kidding!; why?; are your nuts!; Your too old!; just to name a few.

Dating sites

According to the web based Online Dating Magazine ( there are 2,500 of them. I didn’t realize that. Some are free, some are paid sites. Some cater to various classifications of singles: Christian, Seniors, Disabled and more.

This blog is focused with Seniors in mind so I will concentrate on that aspect of it.

What do you need

It helps if you are divorced/single for starters
A desire to meet others
A computer with Internet access
Recent photo’s
An ability to write about yourself
A trusted friend to proof your profile
An account with a dating site
A credit card if you plan on paying for a membership

I am 67 now and started about 7 years ago using a free site that also has a paid option. I decided to try the paid option as it allows more photo’s and paid subscribers get better exposure. You are probably thing “What! You’ve been a member for 7 years!! There must be something wrong with you! (well there probably is according to some!)” Some people just want to date however. They are not looking for marriage or a live in companion. After all, they are called dating sites!

Which site should I use?

This is a tough question. Do you dare to ask anyone? Do you dare to ask for help? Personally, I did not do either. I picked one and started my dating journey. Keep in mind there are other options you should consider, not just dating sites. I’ve made mistakes and learned from them. Have all my dates been pleasant? No and neither will yours. Will you get tons of responses? Probably not but it depends to some degree on how well you write, what you put up for photo’s and yes, age does matter.

Stay tuned for Part II in about a week.

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